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Silver Amalgam Restoration Safety

An article, 3 Tests and Treatments to Avoid, was included in the September 2015 issue of Consumer Reports, On Health. Anthony Pizon, chief medical toxicologist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, warned about unscrupulous health care practitioners who recommend removing dental fillings containing mercury. "Fears and recommendations are often based on little solid research and go far beyond what science warrants,” says Dr. Pizon. Consumer Reports, On Health states says, "the Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Drug Administration concluded that the amount of mercury in dental fillings isn't enough to harm adults or children ages 6 and older.” The bottom line conclusion, "It's fine to have a filling removed because it is loose or before other dental work. And if you don't want a mercury filling, it's ok to ask for one made of ceramic or composite resin. But there's no reason to have an existing filling removed just to avoid mercury.”

To read the entire article, ask our Office Manager, Mary Lou, for a copy.

Community Service

Dr. Dan and Dr. Don Stoner have been members of the Oakmont Chamber of Commerce for many years. In recent years, Dr. Dan Stoner has served on their Board of Directors. Dr. Dan Stoner has been involved with many community activities including street fairs, holiday parades, recycling projects, 5K races, sidewalk sales and Celebrate Oakmont nights.

As a member and twice past President of the Rotary Club of Oakmont-Verona, Dr. Don Stoner has helped deliver dictionaries to third grade students at Tenth Street School, Verner School, St. Joseph's School, St. Irenaeus School and Redeemer Lutheran School. Rotary also sponsors an annual Civic Light Opera Gallery of Heroes presentation for the Riverview elementary students. Each year CLO highlights a famous person from Pittsburgh. The most recent show was about Nellie Bly, one of the first female investigative news reporters. In addition to her undercover work in mental hospitals and prisons, she is best known for traveling around the world in less than 80 days, a remarkable feat in 1889.

Drs. Stoner and the other Rotarians also have given apples to viewers of the Oakmont-Verona Halloween and Holiday parades. Rotary donated money for one of two picnic pavilions in Riverside Park. The Stoner family and Oakmont Dental Associates donated money for the other pavilion.

Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner volunteer each year at the New Kensington Clinic on the annual day of free dental and medical care. Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner also have helped the Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania provide free dental screenings at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Oakmont Dental Associates provides free oral cancer screenings year round by appointment at their office. Each year Oakmont Dental Associates provides limited free care for low income handicapped patients through the Donated Dental Services Program. For Children's Dental Health Month, Dr. Dan and Dr. Don Stoner have visited Tenth Street, Verner, Redeemer, and St. Irenaeus schools providing dental health lectures, movies and toothbrush kits.

As always, Dr. Dan Stoner, Dr. Don Stoner and Oakmont Dental Associates support charitable, service, athletic and social organizations in our community. Oakmont Dental Associates also helps to sponsor the Oakmont Police Department Community Resource Program. They provide a booklet filled with important phone numbers and information. If you live in Oakmont and have not received your free copy, please pick one up at our office.

Dr. Stoner's wife, Jackie, served on the Board of Directors of the Kerr Memorial Museum for more than ten years. For most of those years, she was Treasurer for the Kerr Memorial Museum Annual Antiques Show. Dr. Stoner provided photographic and computer services for the shows. We have a wonderful community with many great organizations and people.

It is a pleasure to live, work and play here. We appreciate these opportunities to serve our community.