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Why Choose Us?

At Oakmont Dental Associates we are pleased to have over a dozen dentists who have chosen Dr. Don Stoner and Dr. Dan Stoner to provide their dental care. More than a dozen other patients have relatives who are dentists who do not live nearby, provide only specialty care, or are retired. We are privileged to provide their dental care and pleased that they recognize the quality and value of our care.

Patients have traveled great distances from other countries and states to have Dr. Don Stoner and Dr. Dan Stoner provide their dental care. In addition to Canada, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Jerusalem, Palestine, Djibouti, and Venezuela, we have five families who travel regularly from various parts of China to our office in Oakmont for their dental care. If we have missed your country, please let us know. We always welcome new patients referred by other dentists and our current patients. It is the greatest compliment you can give us. Thank you very much.

The following outline summarizes the results of a survey we did asking "Why do you refer your friends and family to our office?" The information in italics was compiled by our staff while discussing the responses to the survey.

Why do people refer their friends and family to our office?

Superb quality of care

  • Exceptional experience of doctors and staff
    • Dr. Don Stoner and Dr. Dan Stoner have over 50 combined years of experience providing dental care.
    • For eighty years the Stoner family has provided quality dental care in our community since 1924.
    • Mary Lou has over 40 years experience as a dental assistant, dental insurance claims administrator and office manager.
    • Beth and Tracy each have over 30 years experience as dental assistants.
    • Janet has over 40 years experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist.
  • Extensive education and training
    • After graduating from The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Don Stoner served in the U.S. Navy at Orlando Naval Hospital and Training Center where he rotated through training in Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics and Endodontics.
    • Dr. Stoner was granted a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry based upon attendance at over 2000 hours of continuing education and clinical case presentations and completion of a comprehensive written examination.
    • After completing his education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Dan Stoner continued his studies for two years at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry.
    • Mary Lou and Beth are licensed as Expanded Function Dental Assistants based upon their continuing education and experience.
    • Tracy also qualified for license as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant based upon her continuing education and experience.
    • Janet has taken 700 hours of continuing dental education.
  • Best techniques offered
    • Techniques are chosen based upon the exceptional experience and education of Dr. Stoner and his staff.
    • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and their staff strive for perfection in everything they do.
  • Quality materials and equipment
    • Only approved materials that have demonstrated outstanding properties are used.
    • Only local dental laboratories of the highest quality using the best materials are allowed to work on dentures, crowns and bridges for Dr. Stoner's patients.
    • Only the best equipment and proven technologies are used.
      • Digital computerized radiographs (x-rays)
      • Intraoral computerized magnified photographs
      • Identafi technology oral cancer screening
      • Nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia
      • One visit endodontics
      • Bonded silver restorations, composite restorations, crowns and laminates
      • Implant dentistry
      • Diagnodent laser caries detection
  • Clean Facility
    • Dr. Stoner and staff follow all recommendations of the ADA, CDC, and OSHA for cleanliness and infection control.
      • Disposable instruments are used where available.
      • All other instruments are autoclaved in one of our three Statim steam autoclaves.
      • Chairs and equipment are disinfected according to recommended guidelines.
      • Mask and gloves are worn during all treatment.

Patient centered office

  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff are friendly, personable, courteous and aware of patient concerns.
  • When patients are receiving care, they get 100% of the focused attention of Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff.
  • Every attempt is made to keep each patient comfortable, and there is never a charge for comfort techniques, including nitrous oxide analgesia.
  • Each patient's overall health is considered, in addition to the health of dental hard and soft tissues.
  • Every effort is made to see patients on time and assure that the time in the chair is their time.
  • Calls are made to assure that each patient is comfortable following extensive procedures.
  • Consultations with dental specialists and physicians are arranged or recommended when appropriate.
  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff help patients find another dentist when the patients are moving to a new location or when they are on extended vacations.
  • Patients can receive nearly all of their dental care at one location.
  • Emergency care is always available and Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner receive emergency calls at home.
  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff return patient calls promptly.
  • Convenient appointments are available from early mornings to late evenings.
  • Free parking is available next to the office.
  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and Mary Lou make sure every patient receives all the insurance benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Treatment options are discussed and patients select their preferred treatment option.
  • Estimates are offered for all procedures.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff are like a family, and they regard their patients as a part of that family.
  • Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner and staff are interested in their patients' lives, families and activities, not just their teeth.

Professional reputation

  • Dr. Don Stoner is a third generation dentist in his family, and Dr. Dan is the fourth generation.
  • The Stoner family has provided quality dental care in our community since 1924.
  • Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner have been elected to positions of leadership in many dental organizations.
  • Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner have received many dental honors and fellowships.
  • Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner have always been active contributors to their community.
  • Dr. Don and Dr. Dan Stoner have helped provide peer review for their dental organizations.

Track record

  • Our results last far beyond the average.
  • Our patients rarely experience dental pain in daily living.
  • We provide quick and effective relief on the rare occasion a patient has pain.
  • Our patients feel good, look good and eat comfortably.

Dr. Don, Dr. Dan and our staff love dentistry and wish we could provide dental care for everyone. We recognize that there is not enough time to treat everyone. We also recognize that while nearly everyone can afford the quality of care we provide, not everyone values. We regularly provide care for patients who live in other states and countries. Patients have traveled from France, Spain, Israel, and China to receive care in our office.

It is unfortunate that most insurance companies do not value quality care putting cost. We will never compromise the quality of our care for any reason. We are pleased so many people recognize the value of our care and consider quality dental care important enough to allow us the privilege of serving them.

Everyone must choose what is right for their situation. It is hard to enjoy living without good health, and that includes good dental health. We hope you will join the many satisfied patients who receive their dental care at Oakmont Dental Associates.


Dr. Don Stoner, Dr. Dan Stoner, and staff